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This feature is experimental and might yield wrong results. You have been warned. ;-)
Search for text:

  • you can search for beginning of words only, so searching for 'foo' will find articles with 'foo', '$foobar', 'Foo()', etc., but searching for 'oobar' won't find anything.
  • New: you can also search for any non-alphanumeric characters, so it's possible to find '$foo' by searching either for 'foo' or directly for '$foo'
  • I'm searching case-insensitive.
  • you can combine words like 'foo AND bar OR var'
    (will find articles containing 'foo' and 'bar', or just 'var')
  • I will search in the text, subjects and the from-line. So to see all quotes from Larry Wall you can search for 'larry AND wall'
  • you won't find things like 'a', 'the', '>' etc. because they are in many texts. So searching for 'the' won't find 'the', but it surely will find '$the_variable'

Last change: May 6th 2002