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Randal L. Schwartz (<merlyn {at} stonehenge.com>)
Re: Total Beginner
15 Dec 2000 17:05:45 -0800
>>>>> "SuperGumby" == SuperGumby  <tick.toff@spam.com> writes:

SuperGumby> OH, and reading this group daily (if only it wasn't quite so busy).
SuperGumby> PS Why does it appear perl programmers are so damned obsessed with
SuperGumby> oneliners, I'm feeling as if I'm gonna be ostracised for commenting and
SuperGumby> structuring,,, maybe I'll know why in a few months :-)

Because Perl's so durn easy to use we got time to play around impressing
each other. :)

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Tina Mueller (<tina.mueller {at} pixelpark.com>)
Re: Verrückte Perlhacks
2000-11-03 07:48:39 PST
Contributed by Gerrit P . Haase (gerrit {at} familiehaase.de)
^ > v);$§="_"x25;until($§!~m~_~){$o=int(rand 28)+65;next if$s{$o}++;$o==91?$o=44
$§,$_,$|,$m;print$§;select$/,$/,$/,0.1}}}print$§}print$/ #http://tinita.de
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Lutz Donnerhacke (<lutz {at} iks-jena.de>)
Re: Nuclear Weapons (UF vom Sontag)
23 Oct 2000 16:10:28 GMT
Contributed by (tinita)
Perl ist der geglückte Versuch, einen braindump direkt ausführbar zu machen.
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