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Crian (<>)
Bestimmtes Element im array loeschen
19.08.2004, 15:09
Contributed by (sri)
Man kann natuerlich so lange poppen und das was dabei         
herauskommt auffangen und spaeter wieder hineinpushen, bis das gesuchte       
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Matt Garrish (<matthew.garrish {at} sympatico.ca>)
Re: Kuchen
Mon, 12 Jan 2004 17:58:04 -0500
Contributed by (tinita)
"Josef Möllers" wrote...
>Ruchard Wagner wrote:
> >
>> Backen
> As usual, TMTOWTDI, also, you do not write which cake, so we can't
> really help, can we?

I prefer the OO approach, that way you can just slot in a new baking method
as needed.There's a great interface on CPAN called Cake::Baker that's a
god-send for the culinary inept like myself (it's very much like the DBI
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